Internet Handling Charges

Dear Customers,

In order to cope up with the increasing overheads, transaction charges from the payment gateway, to increase the number of options available in your city, from 1st July, 2018 onward, we will need to levy Internet Handling Charges of 2.2% on all of our packages. It was initially decided to be applicable from May 1, but due to administrative reasons, we had to delay.

This charge will be applicable to the amount you pay for the booking, if you pay by just the advance, then the charges will be levied on that amount only.

Any packages which are booked before 1st July, 2018 can be booked without Internet Handling Charges.

We hope that our loyal customers will understand this decision and will support us in all possible ways, as they have always done.

Stay Loving, Keep Loved! :)

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