Name and Address Reveal Feature

Good news, now to satisfy everyone's requirement, we are introducing a new feature on our website, Address Reveal Feature.

With Address Reveal feature you will get to know the exact name and address of your preferred package at nominal rates.

Free in some packages
99 rs. for packages with rates less than 2999/-
199 rs. for packages with rates more than 2999/- but less than 4999/-
299 rs. for packages with rates more than 4999/-

This amount will be reimbursed when you book that package.
For Example, if you use the Address Reveal feature for 1999/- package by paying 99 rs. when you book that package you will just have to pay 1900 rs and 99 rs will be added from our side from Address Reveal feature with one month validity.

Most of the customers book without knowing the name and address. This feature is suitable for our customers who wants to be absolutely sure about the venue or don't want a surprise place.

Please note that Address Reveal Feature doesn't ensure the availability. 

Call us on 7226859900 if you still have doubts.

Click the below links to use Address Reveal feature for your suitable package, please copy the name and rate of your package when asked at the checkout.

Curious about why we can not reveal the name and address? CLICK HERE