• Peaceful Evening At Resort | Vadodara

    Please Choose the Date Between 3 days to 15 days from the Booking Day in DD/MM/YY format.
    Please Choose Approx Time Of Arrival

    6444/- for 2 people including all taxes and everything.

    Ideal for couples who are looking for:

    Poolside Candle Light Dinner with Customized Options

    100% Privacy

    Peaceful and Photogenic Resort

    Long Duration

    Great Decoration

    Complimentary Free Bottle of Champagne (Non-alcoholic)

    Venue: A Resort, 3 KM from Sindhrot Bridge (Exact address will be sent after the booking)

    Roses Decorations

    Balloons Decoration

    Candles Decoration

    Unlimited Pool Usage

    Punjabi menu:

    Welcome Drink



    Punjabi Sabzi-2






    Please note:

    Photos shown are of the same package decoration being done earlier.

    Decoration will be equivalent from the photos and can be slightly different.

    The decoration part is personalized and to be discussed with the provider after the booking over a call.

    Any recommendation regarding the food is to be discussed with the provider over a call.

    Candles, balloons are subject to wind and other atmospheric parameters.

    Additional lighting other than candles can be there to provide proper lighting.

    Resort rules have to be followed.